Feature List

We offer such an affordable app creation service because we use Seattle Clouds to create our iPhone, iPad and Android apps. This means there are some features we simply can't offer.
Have a look at the features we do offer and see if your simple app idea can be created.
Unsure? Contact us and we can tell you if we can build it for you.

Features we can include:
  • Formatted Text
  • Images
  • GIF Animation
  • Menus
  • 4 tab menu buttons
  • Back buttons
  • Contact email form
  • Calculation scripts
  • Random page/results scripts
  • If-then form scripts
  • Start upsplash screen
  • RSS feed integration
Features we DON'T offer:
  • Any features that use physical movement to control the device
  • Any saving of user data
  • Game center integration
  • Database actions
  • Any complex animation/on screen movement  
NOTE: make sure you app idea fits with the App store guidelines